Parker Clay: Leather with Purpose

Parker and I were driving in Santa Barbara on our first anniversary and just happened to notice a little store called, Parker Clay. Little did I know I would fall in love with the brand and all they are doing for women in Ethiopia! I absolutely love supporting brands that are doing good in this world, but Parker Clay has taken it personally. As they were in Ethiopia to adopt a child, they saw a need and are working today to help the best they can.

Parker Clay is “a high fashion brand focused on creating generational impact across communities in Ethiopia by providing sustainable employment to over 105 (and counting) men and women.” Instead of taking part in the sex trade, they are taking pride in stitching, sewing, and laughing together. Take a look at their Instagram (@parkerclayintl) and see the smiles. I promise they will warm your heart! These handmade bags and the people/mission behind them make me proud to contribute and wear something with such purpose.

The Merkato Signature Tote, Miramar Leather Backpack, and TIGI Card Wallet are my everyday pieces! They go perfectly with every outfit and hold so much more than you would expect. I stuff EVERYTHING in them: my laptop, snacks, books, and essential oils. I just know these are the bags that I will be carrying for years to come because of their great quality and timelessness. Not to mention, the wallet is a superstar because it fits all of my cards and seamlessly follows me everywhere whether I have a bag on me or not.

You guys. These bags are beautiful and the purpose behind them grabs my heart. We are called to love each other and I see Parker Clay loving the people of Ethiopia so fully. I can’t wait to see them grow and touch lives for years to come! Sign up for their newsletter and get 20% off your first purchase!

One thought on “Parker Clay: Leather with Purpose

  1. I love how Parker clay is reaching out to lift up their community through restoring dignity! So cool! Oh cool is it that their 2 boys will a name legacy for a product that gives new life to women.


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