Clean Eating and Dairy-Free Cashew Coconut Cream Bars

Did you eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Poptarts for breakfast as a child? I absolutely did! Today though, I would never even think of having a breakfast such as that.

I really started thinking about what I was eating when I learned some foods cause inflammation. It started with a simple swap from regular milk to almond milk. Over the last 3-4 years, I have gone completely dairy-free and peanut-free, and limit my intake of gluten, grains, and soy. I have been asked how I do it, so read on for my food philosophy.

Clean eating is easy when you cook the majority of your food! When grocery shopping, I simply avoid the pantry/processed foods sections and stick to the fruits, veggies, bulk foods, and meats mostly. Although this is what I strive for, I am not perfect and sometimes crave a good brownie or pancake mix like anyone else. When I choose to buy anything processed, I decide on items that have whole foods in their ingredient list with minimal to zero additives while maintaining a tight budget. This is getting easier to do as more people catch on to the paleo or clean eating mindset and food companies are creating healthier options.

For example, when I bought some figs this last week, I wondered what I could cook or bake with them. I found this recipe for “Raw Vanilla Coconut Fig Slice” on and it hit all of my recipe dreams. A delicious summer treat that won’t make my stomach churn! I was so pleased with the outcome that I had to let you all know about it.

As I launch this blog about intentional and thoughtful living, I encourage you to think a bit more about what you are eating. What are the ingredients and is there a healthier option? Healthier does not always refer to terms such as low-fat or low-carb either. Choose food products with less additives and more whole foods. Eat cleaner so you can feel better both mentally and physically.

What is your eating philosophy? How do you try to eat thoughtfully and intentionally? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments down below!

4 thoughts on “Clean Eating and Dairy-Free Cashew Coconut Cream Bars

  1. I avoid wheat and grains, sugar, processed foods, and keep high carbohydrate vegetables and fruits to a minimum. Dairy doesn’t effect me so I include it but understand how it can effect some people negatively. If you include grains, I think fermenting and/or sprouting them first is best so they are easily digested. Nice post, Claire and you know about my affinity for figs ❤️


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