A Place for Passion

Hey there!! I’m Claire. Married, 22, living in San Diego, and well, starting a blog!!

This is completely new for me and totally out of my comfort zone if I’m being honest. The idea came about a couple of months ago, after graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in Speech-Language and Hearing Sciences from San Diego State University. I had NO idea what I was going to do next. Many of my peers are heading off to get their Masters degree, but that is not in my plan for now. So, here I am, working almost full time at a Pilates studio, ready to invest time in myself and my hobbies outside of work.

Over the last few years, I have realized how important it is to take care of my mind, body, and soul. I have a passion for non-toxic products, ethically and sustainably made items, clean eating, fitness, and travel. Why not blog and share my thoughts? Thanks for joining me on this new venture! Feel free to subscribe to my email list and get notified each time I post, and follow me on Instagram: @mintandmorning for day to day updates!

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